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:: my niece - Ayumi Kitara ::
:: Hang rilek la.. Esok kita pi cari buku baru.. had lagi elok dok ada.. padu baq ang kot ataih.. heh ::

:: WIP -  Eid animation ::
from Flash > Photoshop > Export Quicktime MOV.

i wonder if i’ll manage to get it done before Raya.
10% progress.. hmm.. got 90% more to go..
4 days left.. =.=”

maybe post it after Raya instead of a day before Raya..?

:: Self-portrait ::
WIP - short animation for upcoming Eid.long time no use this software. feels so much noob.hope can make it in time. hush hush!
:: And today I’m officially missing you ::
:: new roommate coming in. i have to share half of my room space. now, my room is a bit crowded with things. :: hmm.. never mind, at least our house rent will be a bit cheaper.
everyday draw the same thing.. why brain? why?lalala lalaa~ tomorrow draw something else -lah.Goodnight.
Random :: “Don’t forget to lock the door.”

Throwback — I remember when i was 8 years old. Im used to draw some comics with 2 of my old friends, Mat and Alep. Not really a good comic-lah.. but our classmate still likes it. haha. It is most influence by the animated series, Dragon Ball Z.

"Pendekar A.C.K" (A.C.K Warriors).

It started with the first character. I name it Jack. and then..

Mat : Hey, why dont we try other name with “ack” too..?
Alep :: Hmm.. Aack? Back? Cack? Dack? Eack? Fack? Gack? Hack? …
(…continue until Z) then Mack and Zack were created.


Image version 1998:
Im trying to imitate my drawing style when i was around that age. :P
not really good at anatomy. small neck
and hand muscle was like.. CCCCC… XD
Dont know how to draw front view.
so, i just draw all the characters from side view for every panel.

we manage to make it like 3 episodes. .. maybe 4..
i don’t really remember. but it is more than 2 episodes. :-P
(1 school exercise book = 50 pages = 1 episode)
wah.. so proud that time.. hehehe

stop after that because end of school year
and because of next year — we are not in the same class anymore. :-C

Version 2014

I’m still not really good at anatomy. but at least I do have
a lot of improvement since then. :D

brush-brush here..brush-brush we of our imaginary friends.Sleep- sleep- tomorrow- got- work.color reference from here ::
and then i forgot every other important things.even promise that i made earlier with another friends. sigh.apa la dee.. 

:: i think this image should be on instagram.. but i dont have one. so, i think maybe here is okay :: — one more angel to go. done with the basic skeleton. — will continue tomorrow. :D

:: has been 3 hours — still didnt understand how to solve the last layer of this freaking cube! dammit! ugh! rawr! ::
:: sketchbook - bilik baru lah sangat ::