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Day 21 - Something you don’t like :: — menunggu dan ‘janji melayu’.. sigh~
Day 20 :: A Comic. — membuli tak bagus.. bergurau boleh je.. ^^
bukan takut pada ‘kegelapan’, takut pada apa yang mungkin ada dalam kegelapan itu. — ketidakpastian itu menakutkan.
:: Day 18 - A couple ::( so lazy, but really feel like want to finished the art challenge — continue to draw. ..
really quick sketch — “Your fav holiday” — hmm.. i don’t remember any.. i’m more likely prefer to sit at home with family rather than going on a vacation.
Day 16 - Something that represent your fav song. - - Break Dance, Not Hearts.. hehe~ :: one of the learning process > redraw ::photo ref ::
Day - 15 :: someone from your fav video games — Jill Valentine.. hehe
.:awesome character is awesome:. #fav book character
:: Day 10 - something you cant live without :: internet? meh.. im not a robot..i’m a dead body without a soul.. lol~ soul ke spirit? ah, pedulik kan, aku lemah bahasa omputih. :-P
:: Day 9 - fav.cartoon character :: wee~~ —" Totoro : I think I am in… hue hue hue..”" Kaga Rin : ehh~~ "
Day 8 - Something with your fav color.Awesome Blue,Black and White color! — subject : alarm clock + random small mirror. ^^ 
Day 7 - Your family.- reuse old artwork because i’m too lazy to redraw.. not really good in our real photo. but after a bit of adjustment in Photoshop, the photo looks quite okay. i’m glad that i could draw. :-)
:: Something you never draw before ::is something that related to NSFW things.. which contain material such as nudity, violence, pornography or profanity.ref image :
Favourite outfit eh.?white/black plain shirt + blue other accessories. simple, yet satisfying.(first time lukis benda2 camni.. terasa aneh.. hahah)